The Pharisee (unfinished)


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released November 26, 2016



all rights reserved


MALACHI Fall River, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Blameless

We are told all too often that all's well that ends well.
There is a fallacy with this method because the means determines the end.
Give me power over my body.
Enable me to release me
and embrace you daily.
My body strangles me.
The smile that lit eyes has faded
and my body strangles me.
To successfully arrive where you going
do not feed your flesh or your body.
Do not cut every corner in your life.
Be justified along the journey.
Be blameless.
You made me so you can change me
from a blind slithering worm into a soaring bird.
Guard my soul and deliver me.
Give me wings to fly above this world.
I've been trying hard to look outside this box that confides my mind.
Look outside the box.
I've been trying hard to look outside this box that confides my mind,
but it’s not as easy as it seems.
I’ve been trying. I have been trying so diligently to get out, to escape this box.
Alone? I'm too weak. It’s not as easy as it seems, when I'm living for me.
Guard my soul and deliver me.
Give me power over my body.
Enable me to release me
and embrace You.
Track Name: The Pharisee
The Pharisee

I call it like I see it.
In ignorance I think I see,
but these eyes are weak.
My finger-pointing skills are perfected
and my self-reflection is neglected.
Pharisees uproot your trees.
I would be swift to shut up before I forfeit
all legitimacy in my testimony.
I am sorry I have been so hasty
to condemn you all so wrongfully.
I am sorry I have been so hasty
to condemn. We all are sinful men.
I need to take the log from my eye
but the twig in yours is more convenient to pry.
What is a testimony worth
from an owner with no credibility?
There is a forest in my eye.
How did I let this happen?
I have been so concerned with your problems.
I overlooked the growth inside.
Track Name: Clarity

I am at a crossroads with millions of men
and the light is choked out by the density of them.
Pushing, shoving frantically; festering and trudging on.
Not knowing where on when we came from;
it appears ambiguous, as could be our end.
These thoughts are fed to our irresolute minds.
Perverting our souls, we neglect to see
the big picture from inside this snow globe.
Stalling at these crossroads as these thoughts are fed to my soul.
I’m feeling the pressure all around me.
I cannot decide which way to go.
If there are choices and if I do have a soul,
If there is a past, future, and true home,
If down either road there is a meaning,
I won’t overlook. I need to know.
The indecisive are coupled with the scornful.
They have chosen their poison because waiting is no option.
But with desire to discover a bigger perception
the atmosphere here appears less grim.
I notice there are hands holding this globe I am in.
So I decide my road and run straight to Him.
Track Name: Ankle Biter
Ankle Biter

What does she think now?
How did she think 20 minutes ago?
How much did she allow
inside her mind before she broke?
I know what it’s like to die.
This is why I tried to hide
her, now demoralized, adulterated eyes,
before she was compromised.
Not all deserve or desire
this position of power
and squander the honor.
But when you're older you will remember
that this place destroys the mind
and wears down the soul.
I watch the young grow cold
and the cold inspire.
Everyone smile.
Watch your words and what you do.
The younger ones look up to you.
The consequences of a failed protector can be forever.
We are failing the training of our future.
My baby sister beheld appalling graffiti today.
She will never think the same.
Track Name: Daydreamer

Lying down on my back smiling…
Look at the sky.
It’s times like these I realize how insignificant I am.
Lying down on my back smiling…
I bet I could throw a rock and hit the ceiling.
If I win, how should we feel then.
Meaning, would all the rules and reasons fall,
and be replaced by me.
So I throw it up high.
Why do I question, lest I do offend, the universe’s king?
I should hold my tongue because there is a plan.
The universe’s king has outlined my freedom.
I am quick to point the finger, but slow to bend the knee
Humility is absent here, replaced by me and my daydreams.
Here I lay under this tree that is shading me.
I am grateful, but who do I thank or pay?
Catching what was thrown, I wonder how He’s so forgiving.
The bell rings, done with daydreaming.
Catching what was thrown, I wonder how He’s so forgiving.
Have I grown? Back to work.
Some good things must come to an end.
But the world screams He is living.